Monday, May 13, 2013

From the beyond and back

I am returning after quit sometime. I was gone for almost 10 months due to personal matters. Nothing with legalities, but personal none the less. A lot has happened. In Sept of 2012 I finally got a job. I held it until May of 2013. Now you may think that, that's not a long time. You are correct. I was let go due to reasons that has been undisclosed even to me. But I'm fine with that. It was a part time job making only $8 an hour. But at least it was something. I got another job, (full time) and after showing the company I can turn over $2k in 2 weeks with as they say "Being late and not fulfilling my time needs" they "terminated contract". Being late they meant me leaving around 10 or 11 a.m. But they didn't realise the reason for that was I had to wait on them for work orders. Now Ask yourself & give the most honest response you can come up with. If a person is late & not fulfilling time needs, how can he/she still make over $2k in a pay period. The pay period is 2 weeks. The job is based on work done. The work performed was "trash-outs". This means I would go into a foreclosed home, take and remove anything that isn't personal property and dispose of it, completely clean the inside of the home, and clean/mow the lawn. The price I was getting paid was on average of $200 per house. Now that don't seem like having to do very many houses, and you are correct in that thought. But factor in several other things as well. 1) an hour drive 1 way, 2) the company also had me going to a number of other houses to tell them if those were "flat" or "bid", 3) I was also going behind other crews to clean their mess, and 4) most of the homes were either completely trashed (debris all over the house), a 2 story house, or a combination of both. There was also Quite a bit of mind changing. Meaning they would tell me to do this house, then turn around and tell me to do another that they were going to have another crew do the previous house. Then we turn to the next dilemma. The fact that someone would start a job and not completely finnish and I would be sent to finnish it. Now how can I make $2k in 2 weeks with said issues in my work schedule? Simple the company didn't want to pay me cause I showed them that I could do the work and still out perform many of them and their crews. So I am dealing with them not paying me the money I am owed. Which is fine. I have my legal methods to ensure I get paid. But in the mean time I have already secured more work that pays every week and 1 company is a world wide contract. So with these new companies asking me to do work for them, I will make a lot more and my company will be making more than I was with just the one that owes me the $2k.