Monday, May 13, 2013

From the beyond and back

I am returning after quit sometime. I was gone for almost 10 months due to personal matters. Nothing with legalities, but personal none the less. A lot has happened. In Sept of 2012 I finally got a job. I held it until May of 2013. Now you may think that, that's not a long time. You are correct. I was let go due to reasons that has been undisclosed even to me. But I'm fine with that. It was a part time job making only $8 an hour. But at least it was something. I got another job, (full time) and after showing the company I can turn over $2k in 2 weeks with as they say "Being late and not fulfilling my time needs" they "terminated contract". Being late they meant me leaving around 10 or 11 a.m. But they didn't realise the reason for that was I had to wait on them for work orders. Now Ask yourself & give the most honest response you can come up with. If a person is late & not fulfilling time needs, how can he/she still make over $2k in a pay period. The pay period is 2 weeks. The job is based on work done. The work performed was "trash-outs". This means I would go into a foreclosed home, take and remove anything that isn't personal property and dispose of it, completely clean the inside of the home, and clean/mow the lawn. The price I was getting paid was on average of $200 per house. Now that don't seem like having to do very many houses, and you are correct in that thought. But factor in several other things as well. 1) an hour drive 1 way, 2) the company also had me going to a number of other houses to tell them if those were "flat" or "bid", 3) I was also going behind other crews to clean their mess, and 4) most of the homes were either completely trashed (debris all over the house), a 2 story house, or a combination of both. There was also Quite a bit of mind changing. Meaning they would tell me to do this house, then turn around and tell me to do another that they were going to have another crew do the previous house. Then we turn to the next dilemma. The fact that someone would start a job and not completely finnish and I would be sent to finnish it. Now how can I make $2k in 2 weeks with said issues in my work schedule? Simple the company didn't want to pay me cause I showed them that I could do the work and still out perform many of them and their crews. So I am dealing with them not paying me the money I am owed. Which is fine. I have my legal methods to ensure I get paid. But in the mean time I have already secured more work that pays every week and 1 company is a world wide contract. So with these new companies asking me to do work for them, I will make a lot more and my company will be making more than I was with just the one that owes me the $2k.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stupid People

    It never seizes to amaze me as to how stupid people can be, let alone ignorant. So people try to be this all smart and brilliant and strong person, but they fail to keep their acts up when they are faced with the truth or hard facts. Then when said people decide they want to play with the big boys and girls and get shown that they don't know how to truly play the game, they revert to ignorance and stupidity for said actions. Hence an episode that occurred this evening about a friend and his girlfriend. She got overcrowding and then he comes see me and my family for the day... was enjoyable with the couple times that involved her. Which by incident was when myself & my friend (the boyfriend) went to HIS house to get a couple things. She got a little moody with him yet again. Well the 2nd time she got this way with me in company of him was when we went back because we forgot to get something. Mind you this is HIS house and she lives with him. He decides to drink through out the day.... no biggie he is an adult and pays the bills at his house. So he is entitled to do so if he wants. Well he drank too much for him to drive back home even though he only lives like 2 miles from me. I take him home and the girlfriend shows her "game" yet a 3rd time today. She is mad and asks where HIS truck is and where HIS keys are. I told her the truck was at my house and the keys were in my pocket. She then asks for them. I replied back not without him saying so. He looks at me and says it was ok. I gave her the keys to the truck and he gets out and goes inside, I leave to go back home. She gets his truck & goes back to his house. Shortly after I get a call from him saying that she was gone and so was everything else. I asked what he meant by everything else. He told me the animals, some of her stuff etc.... he goes on says a few IMPORTANT items. We get off the phone and me and my wife decides to go to his house. We arrive and she has hidden his keys and refuses to tell him where they are. After a while she finally tells him and we get the keys. so he is now relieved for this. She tries telling me that the only reason that he got the truck was because of HER. As well as tells him that it was because of her & her grandmother. Now mind you she refused to say much to either of us in person, but on the phone. I tell her it don't matter who helped get the truck it only matters in courts that HIS name is on the title and HE is making the payments ALONE. So she now has truly shown her stupidity and ignorance here, due to the fact that she is trying to fight legalities with people that has taken legal classes for former jobs.

Monday, February 13, 2012

People & Their Stupidity

Its been a while..... I have recently discovered just how far stupidity will take & drowned down people. The most recent instance I am referring to is my wife's EX husband's wife.. my wife & her EX made an agreement for taxes this year... He claims their kids & send half to my wife. Well this would still give him & his wife a larger refund & give us the ability to get things we need.... a car...... clothes, shoes etc for the kids. But the catch is... HIS WIFE didn't want him to claim the kids & when they found out how much they were getting back SHE then didn't want to send any  of the money to my wife... Which if he didn't would cause them the loss of more than they want to in tax fraud & such. A few days after he got his return he sent a check from his bank to us. That's fine whatever even though he was told to wire it due to reasons of needing it that day... His wife then decided to put her nose & mouth in a situation that didn't concern her. we asked for some help until we got that money & was told no even though the help was for the kids. reason given..... get this...... The EX husband's wife didn't want to give my wife a damn penny & stated that she & others here need to get a job & quit expecting every damn thing to be handed to her. Then last night she decided to send an e-mail to my wife. This e-mail stated to the effect that she has EVERY right to ANYTHING with her husband & can have contact with HIS kids (kids that has no relationship to her aside from their father) & that she will NEVER come back here because all she is while here is miserable. Then another e-mail comes in saying she don't care about the kids, what they say about her nor what they think of her..... see the stupidity drowning down people yet???? I am just a step father to the kids in the middle of this.... I respect both parents enough & as a step parent i know my role is to gain the trust, respect, & love of the kids that are in my care..... Their father has not & is not paying child support.... So the judge said in the MOTHER & FATHER"S divorce no child support to be paid as mother ( who has sole custody) as refused. The father's new wife now wants to say the kid's mother  is all about money.... HHHMMMMM she has stopped 2 different states from getting child support from him & it would be evident that if the mother wanted money from him, which by the way the courts says if mother asks for money for the kids NEEDS he IS TO GIVE IT, no questions asked. So who is about the money now?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Adventures

 I woke up today, got a shower, got dressed, went to get the kids from school.... you know the whole daily grind bid. After getting home with the kids I decided i was going to head out to apply for a couple jobs & check on potential jobs.. I applied to the local lumber mill since my family & the owners are friends & have known each other for some years now.... my grandfather was their head mechanic there. I didn't feel that it might pan out but all I can do is hope for the best. So I went to the cafe here in town that is opening soon & found out that it is opening in the morning. I was like great another job that i didn't get... Then the owner told me that I will be called as soon as he finds out if he needs a dishwasher or if the few people that he has will be able to cover it. I quickly told him that with the word spreading that he is open & he is doing breakfast starting at 6 a.m. he will need a dishwasher. See I have people asking me about a bunch of of business advice. Things like what should i order to sell, what products do i need, etc.... I get this because A) I am from this area, B) I have told these people this & that. And it has shown to be truthful. So the owner said he is hiring me but not going to have me come in until he knows that he will absolutely need me right now. Well you say that's great!!!. I say that sucks.... I am in a position of needing a job like 2 years ago.... But as I told my wife this is a glimmer of sunshine to a gloomy road travelled. We will be able to start working to get back on our feet when I get the call to come in & get a couple full pay checks.... Hopefully it will be real soon.

Monday, January 30, 2012

People Against Adult Gamers

It has been about a week since I last posted. Today I want to talk about people who are against adults who play games like WoW,  Rift,  LoTRO,  Diablo, etc. My wife was telling me the other day that in a couple groups that she belongs to in the blogging community has started more or less bashing adult gamers. Well I for 1 as stated in my 1st entry that I, myself, play games. I run a guild in WoW, in another guild on another server as well as take care of my 8 kids that still live at home with me & my wife. Our oldest son plays on my PC since his is having issues in the morning... mid to late morning he gets off mine & on his to let our oldest daughter play some since her PC can't handle WoW.  then in the late afternoon mid evening she gets off and i get on. By this time the kids have their home work done, chores done, and eating dinner. So by time i get on my PC to play the only thing left is getting them in the tub & then bed....  So with this said its not as bad as people think... yes there are parents that get entrenched in the games, but hey that happens with anything. There was a case in Florida not to long ago that a mother BEAT her child to death because she was disturbing her while she played FARMVILLE. Don't get me wrong, I also play Farmville from time to time but not addicted to any of the games. This is typical stereotyping that goes on everywhere, all the time. You hear a case or two & then its ALL who do this is like that. I want to say this is not the case in, I'd say about 97% of the cases. Most adults that play games like this have full time jobs, school, families, and other things that comes above these games & they usually get done before they play said games.... Shoot I look for work while I am in a game a lot of the time..... I will find a spot to sit so i don't die or get attacked and go on another page with my 2nd monitor that is attacked to my PC & look for a job. How do you think I have submitted over 2000 (yes two thousand) job apps in 2 years? I know you say are saying I don't care about this, but it has become a huge ordeal over last several years..... My generation is generation X as we are labeled.... we do everything that our parents & their parents didn't or wouldn't do (except Woodstock, Vietnam, things to this nature) We have been forced into a war on several fronts...... In my opinion and thoughts was not what the media and many others want to say was the "REAL" reasons. The real reason for this war was the fact that terrorists attacked the US, The WORLD!!!!. Our President George W. Bush at the time did what I would expect from a leader that was in his position..... REACT!!! But that is another story, thought, theory, & belief. We were ushered into the things we do by our parents, the people who had no choice but to let a TV & games be our babysitters when they were out working making ends meet for us. So People now even ones that are a part of this same generation wants to label parents & adults like myself & MANY others. I want to say this..... look at all the facts before you judge someone!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

New beginnings

Today I have had a talk with almost everyone of the kids. There has been tension building between the children and myself. I have found reasons why and we are now taking ways to correct this & get back onto a healthy relationship. There is a difference in parenting styles between me & my wife & it has caused some tension between me & the kids. So as of today we are all going to work on keeping our promises to each other and work to get a healthy family again. This has been going on for some time now & I have been stressed over it, trying to figure out how to fix the problem. It appears I am an outlet for an issue that has been going on at school. This is being handled & was suppose to already be handled at school but I guess it is still going on. So I will go and have a talk with the principal at the school over this again. But after the talk me & the kids had we are already showing some improvements and I hope that it keeps getting better. It is unhealthy for all involved, but more importantly the kids. I think that it is part of the issues else where as well, not just at home.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


So I am watching an anime series called Blood +. Its about this girl that is kind of like a vampire that hunters vampires. But they aren't vampires. They are called in the series kyropterians or something to that effect. They are monsters that have to feed off blood but they are not in human form. They are tall like humans but monsters, mindless, conscious less monsters. The main character is a special girl. Her blood kills these things & her "bodyguard" isn't really her bodyguard, but her groom. She don't know this due to the fact that she "fell asleep" several years prior and when she awoke she couldn't remember anything at all. This guy that was a war vet took her in as his daughter & they lived for a year just to discover what she really is. thus far i have gotten to episode 22 in 2 nights. For all that enjoy a good anime, i highly recommend this 1 to all.